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Educationary aims to connect students with the right college or university to ensure quality learning and development. We want to build student’s experience and career through collaborating with experts and exposing them to the realm of the corporate world:

  • Attend University
  • Qualify for a better job
  • Finish what you started years ago

Each year, thousands of students that are traditional aged, adults who are ready to complete their education, and different universities around the gloab. You can join them in the journey towards a better future!

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High School Career Events

Educationary school fairs great opportunity to educate students, network and to meet the facilitators for your pupil’s future higher education needs. Whether your pupil is graduating this year or not: this event is intended to build brand awareness for school and universities and introduce students to the variety of educational programs available to them from their local and international universities.

Students Guidance Programs

The career certificate tracks are designed to teach students the skills needed to advance in a career or attend further college/training.

Higher Education Programs

In collaboration with world’s top Universities, Higher education graduate and under graduate programs help prepare students to pursue a variety of different career & academic programs.

About Educationary

Educationary is a research and educational platform that creates and builds student’s opportunity through custom-designed educational schemes and through partnering with top-notch and trusted academes, professionals, and recognized companies. Educationary is part of RAHZA FZE, a Dubai based company registered under Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

In the next 20 years or so, Educationary is the leading academic conduit that creates competent and committed graduates through effective education curricula and quality training and internship. We want to build thousands of young professionals that will make their way to success.

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Employment has become strict and crucial. With Educationary, students get the opportunity of knowing and realizing their roles in the workforce. More than enjoying the college, students got the feel of the realm of corporate work with our partnered companies and institutions. We craft them to what they will be.

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